Qbit: The Soundtrack

2DCAT has just released the synthwave-inspired soundtrack for the upcoming MMORPG Qbit.  The upcoming sci-fi inspired MMORPG draws heavily upon 80s inspired science fiction themes, making a synthwave, retrowave, or dreamwave-inspired soundtrack all the more appropriate.  If you’d like to check listen or buy the soundtrack, please head on over to Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, or many other outlets.

The full discography includes:

  1. Miami Connection
  2. A Collapsing Universe
  3. Starfall
  4. Qbit
  5. Jaga The Wise
  6. Teslar
  7. Van Rongchup Gave No Rap
  8. Gravity
  9. Sailing The Solar Wings
  10. Phantar
  11. Magnatar
  12. Penguin Couchant