About 2DCAT

2DCAT: Synthpop. Synthwave. Retrowave.

2DCAT is an American and Swedish synthpop act, currently based out of Washington, D.C.  Their synthpop music has heavy synthwave, retrowave and dreamwave influences, as well as influences from the 1980’s new wave genre.

2DCAT’s music history is quite diverse, and their music has taken them across the world.  The act has placed live in numerous countries to include Japan, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

Johan: Synthesizers, backing vocals.  Johan hails from the United States and has been a part of numerous EBM and Industrial bands over the last 20 years.

Ulf: Guitar, backing vocals.  Ulf hails from Eskilstuna, Sweden and started playing bass guitar for the black metal band Sorrows Lament.

Various: Guest vocals.